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2016 Days &
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berries ripen
for now)

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to coming to
farm to see if there
are ripe berries)
                           Opening Day Is:
                Thursday, June 30     8 am to 1pm

             Hello from West Virginia's Largest UPick Blueberry Farm
                                    Celebrating our 27th Season

                                              6/29/16  Thanks for visiting our web site.  

Finally.  There are some of the best looking, highest quality berries we have ever
produced available to you on opening day.  If you want a gallon or two, you shouldn't
have any problem.  

On the other hand, if you are looking for 5 or 10 gallon
s, it should be easier to pick that
large quantity in a week or so.  (
if the birds don't get them first)

The patch has some of the largest, highest quality berries we have ever had, and lots of
them.  The problem is that every bird south of Canada has descended on the patch.  We
watched ripe berries on two acres of our early variety disappear as soon as they
ripened.  There may be a shortage of wild fruit and nuts this year.  

So.....what does that mean for the season?  It means things are going to be a bit tricky.
We may have to be light on our feet as far as when we pick, adding additional days so
as to beat the birds to the berries.  
It could also mean not opening some days because
the birds got all the ripe ones.  
It will also likely result in a shorter season.
Should be interesting.  Stay tuned.  Hope to see you Thursday.

                                                    jim & susie
2016 Price
$2.05 lb.
(gallon weighs 6 lb.)

Cash & good checks
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equipped to handle credit
or debit cards.
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