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2015 Days &
We do not have
a schedule yet
and will pick as
berries ripen

(Always call or check
to coming to
farm to see if there
are ripe berries)
Next  Picking is:
Tuesday June 30
                                   8 am until 1 pm


               Hello from West Virginia's Largest UPick Blueberry Farm
                                        Celebrating our 26th Season

                                                    6/29/15  Thanks for visiting our web site.  

We will open Tuesday June 30 from 8 am until 1 pm.  There are some great looking
Duke's waiting for a new home and some of the younger Bluecrops on top of the hill are
also ripe.  So there are now 18 rows of younger shorter plants with ripe berries.  We've
been cautioning everyone that even though these berries are beautiful, they are on
smaller, shorter bushes.  Your eyes make like them, your back may not.  A small stool
or something else to sit on while picking would work well.

This will be our second half day of picking .  
We opened for a half day Thursday to pick
some of our early variety (Duke).  The older, larger bushes
that we've been picking on
for years
are still a few days away from having enough ripe ones to pick, even though
there are a few clumps ripe here and there.  Thanks to everyone who came to the farm
Thursday.  We hope you had a good time.

                     Looking forward to seeing you down on the farm

                                                    jim & susie
2015 Price
$ 2.05 lb.
(gallon weighs 6 lb.)

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equipped to handle credit
or debit cards.
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